Top 10 NetApp Solution Companies - 2019

Data inflow is growing at an unprecedented pace and enterprises are seeking for seamless technological tools that can help managing and analyzing this data. There is an increase in investment seen in the IT infrastructure like cloud and IoT enabled machines to centralize the data

management. Among the many rising data management and cloud computing leaders, lays NetApp (NTAP) who is emerging as one of the most flexible, effective and efficacious solution provider for cloud storage.

NetApp is also making efforts to help its clients address various IT challenges through their data fabric’s low-barrier-to-entry starters kit named—OpenStack Solution Kit and many more. Visualization of data is another one of the scintillating trends, which NetApp is dedicating itself to. They are deploying hundreds of hosts within a single rack, consuming less energy and providing more pliability and control to enterprises. This has inflow of creativity has given enterprises

relief from complicated data silos along with cost saving, quick functioning, and lower power requirement.

To assist these companies, looking for a robust data management and cloud computing software we are glad to feature 10 most promising NetApp solution and services providers in this year’s edition of CIOReview. With several innovative technological capabilities and success stories up their sleeves, these companies are constantly proving their mettle in the field of data management and migrating realm. We hope this edition of CIOReview helps you build partnerships that you and your firm require in order to foster NetApp solutions and services that motivate organizations to better drive innovation throughout the industry.

We present to you CIOReview “10 Most Promising NetApp Solution Providers – 2019.”

    Top 10 NetApp Solution Companies

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    Established in 1988, ATTO Technology specializes in network connectivity and storage and infrastructure solutions for the most data-intensive computing environments. The company runs collaboratively with partners to offer a broad array of end-to-end, personalized solutions to store, manage and deliver big data in a better way. The enterprise manufactures host and RAID adapters, storage controllers, network adapters, Thunderbolt-enabled devices and software. ATTO solutions offer a high level of connectivity to all storage interfaces, including SAS, Fibre Channel, SATA, iSCSI, NVMe, 40/10GbE, and Thunderbolt. It distributes its products across the globe via Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), value-added resellers (VARs) and authorized resellers, and systems integrators

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    Founded in 2006, Capital Continuity—BIPs provide disaster Recovery & Migration software/services. Capital Continuity’s BIPs (Business Interruption Protection software) technology is transforming the way the global organizations and cloud service providers shield and recover Petabytes of information. BIPs-POD is a Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) software-defined solution that provides a complete orchestrated shield, data retention, and immediate recovery of UNIX, Linux, and Windows workloads. BIPs is agnostic to organizations’ present or future production cloud, compute or storage vendors which delivers the companies freedom to operate their business wherever suits and continue to provide the markets leading heterogeneous DRaaS technology to shield their business from today’s various threats5. ePlus Herndon, VA

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    Integrated Solutions Angola (ISA) is a multi-vendor IT services provider of choice for leading enterprise customers in Angola. Leveraging its robust technology partnership with NetApp, ISA provides value for clients from their IT resources, particularly in data storage through excellent storage solutions. Founded in 2005, ISA has an unsullied track record of project implementation, maintenance, and support of complex IT systems, assisting clients in maintaining their existing investments in top shape while keeping their equipment up and running for critical infrastructure. Backed by its skilled workforce and in-depth domain expertise, ISA can provide optimized NetApp solutions that address clients’ various IT requirements, even if the equipments are old

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    Founded in 1990, World Wide Technology, Inc. (WWT) is a systems integrator, delivers information technology and supply chain solutions to the government, commercial, and telecom sectors. The company engages in reselling technology products and services. The enterprise also provides asset recovery solutions and supply chain management. Besides, it provides equipment aggregation and staging, network planning and design, software imaging, hardware configuration, implementation, asset tagging, consulting, auditing, training, leasing, and managed services. The company serves federal, state and local, commercial, education, healthcare, telecommunication, and financial markets. The company is headquartered in Maryland Heights, Missouri

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    Actifio is a Massachusetts based company that provides Enterprise Data-as-a-Service to hundreds of global organization customers and service provider partners in more than 30 countries. The company’s Virtual Data Pipeline™ technology allows enterprises to handle, access, and shield their data quickly, more efficiently, and more easily by decoupling data from physical storage, similar to the way a hypervisor decouples compute from physical servers. The enterprise empowers organizations around the globe to deliver their data just as they provide their applications and infrastructure. Actifio frees data from traditional infrastructure to facilitate hybrid cloud adoption, develop higher quality applications speedily, and enhance business resiliency and availability

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    Established in 2012, BlueData is a US-based software company that offers the leading container-based software platform for machine learning, AI, big data analytics, and data science, thus supporting company to facilitate their deployments, with faster time-to-value and lesser TCO. The platform of BlueData leverages Docker container technology and patented innovations to make it faster, easier, and more economical to deploy Kafka, Spark, Hadoop, TensorFlow, and other AI / ML / DL and big data analytics tools, either on-premises, in the in a hybrid architecture, or public cloud

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    Headquartered in Herndon, VA, ePlus engineer transformative technology solutions for the visionary enterprises across the globe. The company sees its clients’ horizons and frame sustainable IT roadmaps to get them there. The enterprise’s imagination, relentless client service, and the tenacity empower its clients to achieve their visions. The deep partnerships of the company with leading-edge technology manufacturers look to the company for their own technology infrastructure requirements and keep ePlus immersed across the wide spectrum of the IT ecosystem. The company specializes in Data Center & Cloud Computing, Collaboration, IT Security, Infrastructure & Networking, IT Services, Managed Services, Software, IT Leasing, and Cloud

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    Based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, Insight’s Cloud + Data Center Transformation is full IT services and solution provider that support enterprises in transforming technology, operations, and service delivery to face challenges and future-proof the business. The company being a client-focused integrator, it recommends the most appropriate solutions that are across cloud, next-generation technology, IT transformation, and security. The organization brings true expertise that is unbiased, grounded, and refreshingly straightforward at a time when it is most required. It empowers companies to enable operational efficiencies, achieve business agility, mitigate risk, handle compliance demands, and address spiralling data and storage growth with its proven methodology and skilled team

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    Sigma Solutions

    Sigma Solutions

    Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, Sigma solutions deliver industry-leading data center solutions for clients across various industries. Utilizing the combination of products from leading manufacturers, the company’s manufacturer-certified engineers and professional services staff, Sigma provides the skills of a giant firm with the flexibility and cost-benefit of a mid-sized organization. The enterprise’s extensive, diverse and local skill base empowers the companies to get the most out of their IT investment by minimizing expenses and increasing business impact. The company specializes in Application Infrastructure Solutions, Integrated Data Center Solutions, Managed IT Services, and Hybrid Cloud Integration

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    Established in 2013, Xcalar is a business analytics platform that helps people discover in-depth, meaningful insights from data. The company has designed next-generation extensible analytics and open platform and a modern-day DW for the full analytics pipeline. This comprises virtual data warehousing, data preparation/quality, data science, large-scale interactive analytics, and workload operationalization. Customers interactively create dataflows utilizing SQL, visual design, and structured programming, and execute them at petabyte scale. The company’s enterprise-grade software scales to hundreds of nodes and users for cloud and on-premises deployments. It offers access, visibility, and auditability, with sophisticated data lineage through all phases of the data transformation process