WebHouse: In-Depth Enterprise Storage Assessment

Bill Hogan, President and Dan Kerning, CEO
With changing business demographics, organizations are shifting their data to the cloud as a part of their IT strategy to achieve overall cost-reductions, agility, and resource pooling. “In such a scenario, it is essential to understand data and manage it effectively whether in traditional data center environments or in public or private cloud,” begins Bill Hogan, President, WebHouse. With a strong focus on addressing these challenges, WebHouse specializes in designing and implementing data center solutions for clients, built on leading technologies. The company partners with NetApp to customize cost effective storage and data management solutions for customers, all the while helping them simplify their business. “We help organizations transition their legacy workload to Clustered Data ONTAP (cDOT) and handle every pre and post sale operation with certified experts,” he adds. The company focuses on all aspects of information protection, availability, and compliance. “We ensure that customers get the needed information more efficiently, effectively, and with greater reliability.”

Headquartered in Baldwin, NY, WebHouse has developed its own cloud offering by leveraging NetApp’s Flash technology. “We have been handling NetApp installations for years, which has helped us become a pioneer in managing the 7-Mode to cDOT migration,” says Hogan. The company also partners with AWS and Sungard to help customers manage their data between public and private cloud. Through its long standing NetApp partnership, WebHouse customizes cost effective storage and data management solutions that simplify and accelerate business infrastructure. “Continual focus on simplicity, innovation, and customer success are the backbone of every NetApp solution we deliver to our customers and partners alike,” he adds.

Working with leading technology vendors, WebHouse has been on the forefront of converged infrastructures that combine storage, networking, and server components into a single, flexible architecture for every type of workload. WebHouse’s advanced process workflow capabilities provide a single platform for enterprise service management and support.“Our cloud-based solutions make it possible for organizations to deploy business critical environments to meet data security or retention needs,” states Dan Kerning, CEO at WebHouse.
Taking their prominence in security further ahead, the company has introduced comprehensive security solutions for business Internet-linked systems, protecting the web site, internal applications and database systems from abuse and exploitation.

We have been handling NetApp installations for years, which has helped us become a pioneer in managing the 7-Mode to cDOT migration

The company designs, builds, and optimizes customer environments. WebHouse also maintains direct ties with engineering and product management, as well as the global support center and field services at every level. The company boasts in having the best relationships with NetApp in the business. “We consistently simplify issues for the customer at multiple levels,” asserts Hogan. WebHouse believes in delivering long-term profitability and efficiency to its customers based on the design and implementation of hardware and software solutions.
This creates higher productivity while enhancing performance and customer satisfaction. “We are focused on offering a high touch private banking feel to the customers and partners we support,” says Hogan.

The company holds its services in the highest standard in an effort to bring precise and efficient solutions to customers. Leveraging its certified engineers, WebHouse strives to deliver the best service possible, while supporting it with world class knowledge base. “Our employees are experts in the assessment of infrastructures across multiple platforms, serving a wide range of purposes,” says Hogan.

WebHouse is committed towards its partners and takes pride in the complementary nature by which they represent each of them to market. “We have a unique blend of technical competence and Executive Level access across our growing customer base and the technology leaders within our partnerships,” Hogan concludes. WebHouse aims to continue in offering multiple levels of services to assist clients achieve their strategic goals.


Baldwin, NY

Bill Hogan, President and Dan Kerning, CEO

A Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) that provides cost effective storage and data management solutions by leveraging NetApp.